We offer a complete line of fire protection systems such as:

  • Conventional wet, dry pipe, preaction and deluge systems (automatic sprinklers);
  • Special extinguishing systems and agents: when liquids, solids or highly inflammable gasses are present, the use of special extinguishing systems and agents is recommended. Water mist systems (Fire-Scope 2000), foam systems and gas systems (Inergen, FM-200, CO2, Novec 1230) are then used. These systems are considered to be “clean” and allow to save lives, property and goods as well as the environment.
  • Cycling Systems and Integrated Systems (FireFlex): Cycling systems provide a minimal quantity of water or foam necessary to control the fire. Because they have special detectors, these systems stop automatically after the fire extinguishes and will re-start if the fire re-ignites (TotalPac, FireFlex preaction or deluge systems, standard or cycling). ICAF, the new line of products issued from several years of research and development, makes us an international leader for compressed air foam systems for fixed piping networks. ICAF systems also include our new ARC-1 control panel entirely designed and realized by us for our integrated systems. These systems are all pre-assembled and verified in our shop in order to eliminate assembling defects and to facilitate the work of the engineer and the fitter. Many FireFlex products are UL, ULC and FM approved and all meet the ISO 9001 standards.
  • Detection systems (heat, smoke, infrared, ultraviolet and others), nephelometric systems (Vesda smoke detection by air sampling systems), fire alarm systems and spark extinguishing systems);
  • Extinguishers servicing and filling;
  • Installation of fire detection and protection systems for commercial and industrial kitchen hoods.
  • Vast range of related equipment in inventory and practical over-the-counter sales service.


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