FireFlex Systems

World leader in the design of integrated fire protection systems established for more than 30 years in Boisbriand.

An innovative manufacturer who designs integrated systems tailored for your peace of mind.

True fire protection artists. An alliance between research, development, quality and sustainability. FireFlex fire protection systems protect your assets and minimize risk, while providing simplified site coordination.

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Our DNA: Research and Development

30 years of expertise and still the leader in its field.

Since its founding in 1991, FIREFLEX SYSTEMS has been designing and manufacturing innovative integrated systems that redefine the standard in fire protection systems. Not only for automatic sprinkler systems, but also for clean agents and compressed air foam systems for fixed pipe networks.

Initially, the company focused primarily on developing a multi-cycle deluge system designed to meet the specific protection requirements of power transformers and turbine-generator sets. The company then introduced the concept of integrated fire protection systems on a larger scale, resulting in the TOTALPAC®.

The industry’s positive response to TOTALPAC®, a product providing the flexibility and reliability expected by engineers, contractors and users, paved the way for an attractive alternative to traditional methods. In addition to revolutionizing the industry and redefining the standard, the TOTALPAC® has also become a trademark, even a benchmark that has made FIREFLEX SYSTEMS a world leader in the field of integrated fire protection.

Why trust the FireFlex team and its systems?

  • Because we are the pioneers in integrated fire protection systems.
  • For the widest selection available on the market; you have a complex application to protect, we have a solution for your needs.
  • For our quality control; ISO 9001 certification in hand.
  • For our technical support, our customer service and our renowned experts.
Unparalleled Quality Control

Unparalleled Quality Control

30 years of expertise and still the leader in its field.

All aspects of its activities, including sales, service, manufacturing and testing, are documented so that corrective action can be taken in the event of non-compliance. The rigorous quality control system ensures that each unit is produced under the strictest quality standards, which is also the basis of the ISO 9001 certification, or TOTAL QUALITY.

A Real Laboratory of Ideas

A Real Laboratory of Ideas

For The Young & Local Engineers.

Year after year, FIREFLEX SYSTEMS’ commitment to quality and continuous improvement has enabled it to obtain and maintain its ISO 9001 quality certification. The company’s modern facilities make it possible to produce, under controlled conditions , high quality integrated systems.

Offshore Windfarm Platforms & Sub-Stations Are Well Protected With the ICAF System

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