A Round of Applause : Tons of Recognition


Working at the Polygon Group also means being rightly recognized for your good work. Here are a few passages that testify to this. You'll see for yourself, this kind of quotes can't be invented. Go go Group!

List of Recognitions

Billing Team Members - Polygon
In 2021, this department was able to adapt in an extraordinary way following many big changes: The reality of teleworking, the pandemic, new working methods, the new Mozaik system, the training of several employees and the arrival of a new boss!!! It's an exceptional team that has always worked as a team, that has always rolled up its sleeves to achieve and surpass its objectives!!! My team deserves congratulations!!! WELL DONE !!!!

Only 2 months after being hired, Phoebe has shown a lot of initiative when it comes to the Health Challenge. She prepared and offered to share motivational posters with the other offices. This shows a great team spirit.

Émile was truly an outstanding colleague during the transformation of the continuous improvement module. He was always available, positive, enthusiastic and ready to try things. He was able to remain patient despite my "I know that's what I asked you, but..."! If a request was not feasible, he often had an alternative to offer and the final product is all the better for it!

Nancy is always available to help me create continuous improvements. She is also a person of good advice and she knows how to bring solutions to problems. Thanks for your good work.

During my absences, Joëlle enthusiastically agreed to help me assign workers from other offices for a client training. thank you for your help

Jean-Pierre worked very hard this year to maintain health and safety standards. It handles the eCompliance application well. He has developed a file for the maintenance and verification of his ladders. Congratulations on your involvement in workplace safety.

My family and I are going through a difficult time and I want to highlight Martin's contribution to our little adventure. He shows us great support in terms of flexibility and he shows compassion towards us. It doesn't solve everything, of course, but it's good. Thanks.

Sophia does an outstanding job every day meeting the needs of several employees. She is friendly, helpful and always goes the extra mile to help anyone and everyone. Sophia is respectful and kind to everyone she meets. She is the right person to be up front and have her happy face be the first new customers and guests meet.

Alexandre is very receptive to ideas to improve the performance of the data access code.

He often moves forward quickly, he is very proactive.

France took on a big challenge taking over the billing department and I would like to acknowledge her work. She has developed a very good relationship with the team members. Very attentive to everyone, she brought a new perspective to the procedures and made improvements and changes in order to advance our ways of doing things.

Lenny has a positive attitude and takes strong initiatives towards occupational health and safety by completing corrective actions effectively.

Nathalie has been assigned to work with me in the cleaning of sites and projects. Despite the fact that it is not her usual job, she was 100% involved in the project. Thanks to her, the cleaning of the sites could be carried out more quickly and that of the projects is in progress.

I had to work with Luce on the inspection schedule in early 2021. She is very organized, conscientious and a team player. Always a pleasure to work with her.

Gabrielle came back from maternity leave in October and she was assigned to help me with cleaning projects. She dove head first into the project. She brings solutions to the problems encountered and it is always pleasant to work with her.

I would like to recognize Patricia for her kindness, patience and support. Since I started in January 2021, she has been my reference. She always makes sure we are comfortable and comfortable in what we are doing. She shows great patience with all the questions we have, and she constantly gets bothered. She loves what she does and it shows in her attitude.

Tanya demonstrates positive leadership: understanding, patience, fairness, humility, humor, and much more. She sets a good example of desired behaviors.