Introduction of the Health & Safety Team


We would like to acknowledge and praise all of the employees across the country, making good choices, enforcing HSE in the workplace, and doing your individual part to make us great as a whole.

We started 2022 with a new member on the corporate HSE team:

  • Abdelhak Saidi HSE Prevention Advisor Started January, 2022
  • Leo Kwan Quality & HSE Administrator Started October 2007 in Vancouver and joined the HSE team in January 2022
    and joining the existing HSE team members are:
  • Jordan Abbey HSE Coordinator Started May, 2021 (based in Calgary)
  • Brigitte Bélanger HR / HSE Advisor Started May 2011
  • Tanya Moskovakis Human Resources Manager Started June 2003

The employees listed above are at the forefront of health and safety in Viking Fire Protection, though all employees collectively make the health and safety team, as we are all responsible to each other.
Right now we are focused on making safety an efficient part of the daily routine of all employees. We do that by identifying any possible barriers of success, and then work together to remove those barriers to better achieve our goals.

Examples include:

  • Simplifying the daily FLHA process – making it more efficient for daily use
  • Standardizing HSE at all offices across Canada – HSC, Subcontractor management
  • Including all levels of employees in the Formal Hazard Assessment process

One very useful HSE tool we have available to us is e-Compliance. We use it for multiple purposes:

  • To track our health and safety activities : FLHAs, Inspections, safety meetings, HSE related communications, incident reporting
  • Keep employees informed of changes or necessary information : New procedures or changes to an existing one, Local HSC minutes
  • Training : We are starting to use the training section, uploading current certificates, and giving employees access to their certificates